Website Hosting for SEO

When a business is created, an essential factor is usually doing it on a budget.

As a result, many website owners will use a lower grade hosting service so they can use their resources for other things.

In principle, this is not a bad thing because it allows the business owner to have a better cash flow.

However, as the business grows and more people visit the website, it could be costing more than you are saving.

What is Website Hosting?

For a website to be accessible on the World Wide Web (WWW), it needs to be stored somewhere like a house, also known as a hosting server.

Whenever a user attempts to visit a website, their browser will try to connect with the hosting server and download the web page files.

The browser will request access to the documents required, and if granted, the server will share access.

The browser will then build the page – also known as rendering.

Differences Between Low/High-Quality Hosting

A search engine robot, also known as bots, are designed to visit websites regularly, and they have several tasks:

  • To check if the site is live and working.
  • Whether or any pages have been created, deleted or removed.
  • If new content has been added or removed from the website; and
  • Any other changes considered relevant to the search engines.

Lower quality hosting will typically pack their servers full of as many websites as they possibly can.

Invariably, this will slow the entire process down because browsers trying to fetch a page will need to wait in line.

Higher quality hosting typically has fewer websites per server and as a result, will operate much faster.

There are also other differences, such as:

  • Customer and technical support.
  • Different levels of included services, e.g. free SSL certificate.
  • Quality of hardware used.

Site Uptime

Site uptime is the amount of time that search engines can access a website.

Search engines do not want to display webpages that are not working or are performing poorly.

Therefore, if a bot keeps receiving errors messages that a website is unavailable, it may reflect poorly on the search engines opinion of the website.

Hosting Speed

If a hosting server is providing website information at a slower rate, it can impact page speed which will also negatively impact its online search visibility.

Search engines do not want to display results which are slow and possibly creating a negative user experience. 

Website Hosting Cost

In general, lower-quality packages are typical $2-3 per month, while higher quality hosts are around $10-30 per month.

Technically, this is as an increase of over 500%, so high-quality hosting may seem dramatically higher.

However, the return on investment is worth it, which is why I would suggest it to everyone.

How to Find Good Quality Hosting?

You should ask the following questions of any company you plan to use:

  • What is your guaranteed hosting uptime? The best will offer 99.99% or better.
  • Do you provide free SSL certificates? Also known as auto-SSL or Let’s Encrypt.
  • Is your customer support available 24/7 and will I be speaking to a person?
  • Where is your customer service support located? Australian is the best.
  • Where are you hosting servers located? They should be Australian based; and
  • Will you transfer my website from my current host to yours for free?


Website hosting is an important part of a growing business and it is crucial to ensure you are using a quality hosting service.

It is beneficial for SEO, customer experience and can have a dramatic impact on return on investment.

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