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Only SEO Gold Coast is a team of digital marketing experts all living right here on the Gold Coast. We’re forward-thinking and all about delivering the best value to our clients.

We don’t have an office – which is a good thing. This means that we reduce our carbon footprint by not driving back and forth from work every day. Plus, we’re not wasting extra money to rent an office, electricity, equipment, etc. This means fewer overheads – which saves you money at the end of the day.

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We’re serious about that statement – and we stand by it. Here’s a quick insight into how we work. Only SEO Gold Coast staff meets weekly. Since we don’t have an office, meetings are made possible by taking turns to meet at each other’s house. Also, thanks to technology like Skype for Business, it allows us to come together to discuss important project matters regularly. These discussions are just like your weekly team meeting in a typical organisation. This is to ensure that we’re all on the same page because communication is key for generating results.

Flexible working arrangements allow us to deliver the best to our clients.

Some work 6 days a week but shorter hours per day, which allows us to drop our little ones at Pre School and pick them up. Some work longer hours and only 4 days a week, which gives us 3 days off. And, some have volunteer commitments, which require us to leave work at short notice, e.g. fire brigade. The main thing is that our clients benefit from this arrangement. Happy staff = happy clients.

Our Managing Director of the company is the person you will deal with at all times. This means that you’re only ever communicating with 1 person who delegates tasks to the team. He will be solely in charge of your campaign strategy and direction.

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