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SEO Gold Coast is a big topic that leaves people unsure of the definition, let alone how it works. We’re here to provide you with information to help you understand what’s involved, so you feel confident moving forward. Only SEO Gold Coast specialises in providing white hat Gold Coast SEO services to small to medium-sized businesses, which brings us to the topic of white hat SEO:

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat is also another way of saying, doing something ‘correctly’. Let’s use an example: Think of SEO like a swimmer preparing for the Olympics. You train very hard, eat healthily, and exercise regularly – perhaps seven days a week. You don’t take any illegal substances or medications to give you an unfair advantage because you have ethics. In other words, white hat SEO is an ethical practice.

Now, let’s talk about the advantages of this practice. For one, you never need to worry about Google changing its algorithm because you’re setting up your domain and your business for long-term growth. Sounds great, but what are the disadvantages? Well, it’s much more labour intensive. Plus, it takes longer to gain results which is why some companies use ‘black hat’ SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is doing things for the sole purpose of obtaining a quick advantage over other domains (your competitors), with no concern or regard for the end-user (your potential customer) and your business. And we can all agree that’s not a good thing.

Some black hat strategies are:

  • Creating low-quality backlinks to inflate the strength of a website’s page rank artificially. Tip: Stay away from dodgy sites like the ones with a tonne of ads selling you quick-fix medication and get rich quick schemes.
  • Creating low-quality backlinks to your competitor’s websites to try to get Google to penalise them. Also known as ‘negative SEO’, this is so their page rank will drop.
  • Stuffing content full of keywords or even worse, ‘hiding’ content on a website by making the text the same colour as the background.

Now, let’s take a look at the advantages: You may achieve results quicker. However, when it comes to Google updating its algorithm, you may have sleepless nights worrying about the future of your domain. Not to mention your business – and that’s not what you want.

Think of black hat SEO like a bank robber. They may get away with their crime spree for a short period. However, they’ll eventually get caught and locked up for 20 years or more – it’s just not worth it!

It’s the same thing with black hat SEO – it works for a short-term, then Google picks up on this dodgy practice and penalises your domain. And once you get penalised, it can be very challenging to recover, which is why it is best to use a Gold Coast SEO company that does things correctly in the first place.

Do SEO Gold Coast Correctly

Our philosophy is plain and simple: Do search engine optimisation correctly the first time around, and you will never have to worry about Google updating its algorithm.

Customised Gold Coast SEO Strategy

Initially, we will have a meeting to discuss how search engine optimisation can help your business thrive on the Gold Coast. We will learn everything about your business and what you would like to achieve from your campaign with us. Some of the questions we will discuss with you are:

  • Who are your major competitors?
  • What SEO services (if any) has been completed in the past, and what results did it achieve?
  • What keywords are most important to you, and why?
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  • What are your expectations, and what are you hoping to achieve from working with us?
  • Have you worked with any other Gold Coast SEO company, and were you happy with their work?

There is no time limit for the meeting for us because we want to understand everything about your business. We want to ensure that we are both on the same page and we want to be sure that Gold Coast search engine optimisation will be advantageous to you. The information from this meeting will enable us to create a customised SEO strategy for your campaign.

Everything will be discussed with you in detail, and you’ll have the ability to make adjustments if you think it’s warranted. We’ll use our skills and knowledge to do what we think is best, but we don’t want you to feel that you have to conform to that. It’s your campaign, and you’ll be in charge of it.

Once you have given us your approval, we can commence your campaign. However, do not think that this is unable to be adjusted as your business evolves. As your business grows, we want to ensure that all the keywords that we’re targeting are current and relevant.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Gold Coast SEO is the combination of two components; on-page and off-page: On-page SEO is anything to do with your website itself. For example, if you think of your website like your home, then on-page SEO would be the equivalent to renovating your bathroom or repainting a bedroom, and some examples of these are:

  • Adding content to a webpage.
  • Optimising images.
  • Updating the metadata of the website.
  • Improving page speed.

Off-page SEO is any work not being completed directly on the website itself, and some examples of these are:

  • Blog posts with mentions of your brand name.
  • Social media profiles and activity on those profiles.
  • Directory citation backlinks.
  • Articles with links to your website included in the content.

In many cases, our strategy will consist of fixing the on-page SEO on your website itself. And then gradually improving the trust flow of your website afterwards, however more on that later.

Research & Development

Foundation is everything: There is no point trying to build a house on a block of sand. This
is why in the first month, our SEO services will primarily be a combination of research & development:

Competitor Research

One of our SEO experts will conduct a review of your competitors on the Gold Coast to identify what they have done, and the analysis will review factors such as:

  • Backlinks they have created;
  • The content they have created as well as the amount and type of content; and
  • Keywords they are targeting.

This information can be used to help kick-start your campaign as it can help us to identify a specific strategy that has assisted them.

Keyword Research

Based on the information you have provided us, our SEO specialists will create a keyword research list. We usually use Google Keyword Planner; however, we may use other programs, but it is dependant on the strategy for your campaign. The purpose of this document is to understand:

  • What your customers are searching for;
  • The search volume for these keywords;
  • The level of competitiveness; and
  • The difficulty level for achieving results.

We’ll create a list for you containing both short-tail and long-tail keywords. The list will be ordered, starting with the keyword that has the highest search volume and working back from there.

Your SEO expert will share the list with you, and then we will have a meeting to discuss it together which will ensure that we are both on the same page. We will double-check all the selected keywords with you to ensure that you are comfortable with them. You will also be asked to highlight the keywords which are the most important for you and should be given the maximum priority.

Keyword Types: Short & Long-Tail

A short-tail keyword is generally a keyword which is three words or less. They usually correlate to keywords with higher search volumes, and some short-tail keyword examples are:

  • SEO Company
  • SEO Gold Coast

A long-tail keyword is a keyword that has four words or more, and some examples of long-tail keywords are:

  • SEO Company Gold Coast
  • SEO Services Gold Coast

Both types of keywords have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it will depend on the strategy we have agreed on which types of keywords we decide to target.

Just remember that you have full control of what keywords we target and adjustments can always be made at any stage throughout your campaign. As your business grows, we want to grow with you, and as time goes by, you may offer more or fewer products or services.

You must notify us of any changes to your business so that we can adjust your campaign accordingly.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping is the process of grouping all your chosen keywords and mapping them to the most appropriate pages of your website. It is an essential component of Gold Coast SEO because search engines want to deliver the best answer to a user’s query.

For example, imagine you owned a pet shop and wanted to sell several breeds of dogs: You could create one webpage and discuss all the breeds on there together. However, a better option would be to create a separate page for each breed.

Further to this, each page should comprehensively cover all the information on the breeds. Ideally, you want a page that can deliver all the answers a visitor is trying to find. Search engines are far more likely to display a page that answers the user’s question explicitly.

Also, if required, we’ll update the following elements of your pages:

  • Websites metadata including title tag and meta description;
  • Header tags; and
  • Proposed new pages and content for them.

Technical Audit

SEO Gold Coast is always changing, which is why we will conduct a comprehensive technical audit of your website. It will ensure there’s nothing critically holding your site back from being displayed in Google’s search results.

Your audit will be emailed to you in the first month of your campaign. It outlines the result of each test, plus, we’ll have a comprehensive meeting to discuss the results of your website as well as the proposed changes that we plan to implement.

Remember – you’ll have full control over everything which includes all proposed plans. We will present the information, and you give us the right to proceed. This ensures transparency is maintained throughout your project. So, once you have given us the green light, our development team will complete all of the changes for you.

Common Web Page Tests

Our search engine optimisation experts will conduct the following tests to review common problems many webpages have such as:

  • Meta title;
  • Competitor domains;
  • Inline CSS;
  • Meta description;
  • Header tags;
  • Deprecated HTML tags;
  • Google search results preview;
  • Robots.txt;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Most common keywords;
  • Sitemap;
  • Favicon;
  • Keywords usage;
  • Broken links;
  • Backlinks;
  • Keyword cloud;
  • SEO-friendly URL;
  • JS Error; and
  • Related keywords;
  • Image alt;
  • Social media.

Page Speed Tests

We’ll also pay particular attention concerning your websites page speed. Plus, we’ll also complete the following tests:

  • HTML page size;
  • CDN usage;
  • CSS minification;
  • HTML compression/GZIP;
  • Image caching;
  • Nested tables;
  • Site loading speed;
  • JavaScript caching;
  • Frameset;
  • Page objects;
  • CSS caching;
  • Doctype; and
  • Page cache (server-side caching);
  • JavaScript minification;
  • URL redirects.
  • Flash;

Security Tests

Security is essential to search engines, as they do not want to display results that have malicious intent. Our SEO Specialists will conduct the following tests to ensure that your website is showing the correct signals:

  • URL canonicalisation;
  • Safe browsing;
  • Directory browsing; and
  • HTTPS;
  • Server signature;
  • Plaintext emails.

Mobile-Friendly Tests

Now more than ever, the web is being viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. To ensure your website is displaying correctly on all types of these devices, we’ll conduct the following tests:

  • Media query responsive, and
  • Mobile snapshot.

Advanced SEO Tests

Our Gold Coast SEO team conduct a variety of other tests, which do not fall directly into one of the categories listed above – some of these include:

  • Structured data;
  • Canonical tag;
  • Disallow directive; and
  • Custom 404 error page;
  • No follow tag;
  • SPF records.
  • No index tag;

Backlink Profile Review

A backlink is a link, from any other website on the world wide web, pointing back to your site. And if you were to click on the backlink, it would redirect the user to a page on your website. The clickable part of the backlink itself is known as anchor text which is usually text but can also be an image.

Every backlink has a value that is positive, negative or neutral. Generally, backlinks from high-quality websites will improve your website’s domain authority, and low-quality websites can decrease your domain ranking. Our SEO Gold Coast team will review your domain’s backlink profile to ensure there are no low-quality backlinks which potentially may be preventing your website from being displayed higher in the search results. 

Google used only to accept ‘Good’ quality backlinks and completely ignore any ‘Low’ quality backlinks, which meant that you could create unlimited backlinks knowing that you had nothing to lose.

However, this was creating problems for Google because it caused their servers to spend a significant amount of time indexing backlinks that had been created deliberately to try and scam the system and give their domains an unfair advantage over others. As a result, Google started penalising websites that had an unusually high level of low-quality backlinks, pointing to their domain.

It was beneficial to anyone who had been using white hat SEO techniques and harmful to anyone who had been using black hat SEO techniques. In many cases, clients have come to us which had previously had low-quality backlinks created to their website. In this scenario, we would need to review every backlink individually and create what’s known as a disavow list which is a document that you upload through Google Search Console.

Essentially, by doing this, you’re notifying Google to ignore these backlinks and exclude them from their algorithm. After completing this, we have noticed many clients getting a boost across many of their keywords.


Low-Quality vs High-Quality Backlink

There are several reasons a backlink could be considered low quality. It could be that the backlink comes from a domain that is not trusted by search engines. It could also have a bad history and may have previously been penalised by Google, which could also create problems.

To ensure that our SEO Gold Coast specialists do not create any low-quality backlinks, we’ll always conduct a comprehensive review on any domain we plan to contact to ensure that it’s not going to create any problems.

In a nutshell, a high-quality backlink is one that comes from a website (niche-related) – and is already trusted by search engines. It has a strong domain ranking score, and the backlink itself has not been created in a ‘spam’ kind of way.

We specialise in producing high-quality backlinks because it’s an essential part of SEO, and we describe our process in great detail further down the page.

Content Creation

Google is all about content because whenever someone types in a keyword, they are essentially asking a question. Google’s primary goal is to deliver the best answer, which is why content is so essential for any SEO campaign.

If required, our SEO experts may propose content creation, and you can rest assured that our team of copywriters have experience in almost every field of business. They will take into account content already on the website and ensure that the tone of voice is consistent.

Their primary purpose is to enhance what you already have; however, in some circumstances, they may need to replace the content entirely. Our SEO specialists will ensure that factors such as word count and keyword percentages are all maintained at acceptable levels.

Before anything is added to your website, you will be asked to review it beforehand. You will have the ability to edit the content as appropriate after which, our team will recheck it to ensure it is ok from an SEO point of view. The content will then be published, and you will be asked to review it on the live website for a final check.

Off-Page SEO

Onsite SEO, although important, is only a small component of Gold Coast SEO. When Google is reviewing its database and deciding which URL to display for a given keyword, it usually has a large selection to choose from. If you want Google to pick your domain over your competitors, you have to go above and beyond what they are doing.

For example, let’s say you wanted to hire a plumber to fix a leaky tap in your kitchen and you have two options: You could choose from one of the hundreds of plumbers in your area, or you could select your best friend whom you have known since high school. Most people would choose their best friend – would you agree? And it’s not because they are the best plumber – it’s because they TRUST them.

It’s no different when Google is trying to decide whom to place on the first page. If they’re not selecting your domain, it’s not necessarily because they have a particular issue with it. It’s most likely because they have a better option to choose from. So, all you have to do is improve the relationship of your domain with Google.

Also known as Page Rank (PR), Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Ranking (DR). The strength of your domain relative to every other domain indexed by Google. For this explanation, we’ll be using the term ‘Domain Ranking’.

Once our SEO experts have completed all onsite implementations, your domain ranking will begin to start gradually increase due to the quality backlinks we’ll be creating for you, and this is the most crucial component of SEO.

Backlink Creation

Our Gold Coast SEO company consists of multiple teams working together, creating high-quality backlinks for our clients every month.

Domain Research Team

Their role is to identify high-quality websites that we can reach out to. Before reaching out to a website owner, he’ll review the following:

  • A websites domain ranking;
  • Their backlink profile;
  • The quality of posts already on their website (this ensures that they are niche-related); and
  • Ensure they are a genuine website and not a private blog network (also known as a PBN) or a website whose sole purpose is to sell backlinks.

All websites that pass these stringent checks are then transferred to the Outreach Team.

Outreach Team

Our SEO specialists will contact the website owners and ask for permission to place an article on their website. Only 1-3% of websites we reach out to provide us with their approval.

Many website owners don’t get back to us at all. Some website owners request payment, which is against Google guidelines, so in this case, we dismiss them altogether. Website owners can be very protective of their website because they have invested heavily in them over a period.

As a result, they can be very selective about what they will and will not accept. Usually, they provide us with set metrics such as:

  • Topic to be discussed;
  • Length of the article;
  • The number of images required; and
  • Style of writing to be used.

If the metrics requested by the domain owners fit within our parameters, the project is then transferred to the Research Team.

Research Team

Our team of SEO experts will research the topics we have agreed to create articles about. They will gather information from a variety of sources and hand over all of their data to the Copywriting Team.

Copywriting Team

Our team of specialist SEO copywriters will create high-quality content. Everything is 100% uniquely written and tailored to suit the original requirements of the website owners. As they complete the articles, they share them with the Proofreading Team.

Proofreading Team

Our expert SEO Proofreading Team will make sure that everything is 100% and ready to be displayed on the world wide web. They need to ensure that the content is not only clear of any grammatical errors but also fits the tone of voice and style of articles already on the website. The project is then handed over to the Imagery Team.

Imagery Team

Our SEO specialists in the Imagery Team gather high-quality images from around the web and add them to each post. All the images used are sourced legitimately from stock photo websites. This ensures that you’ll never have any issues with copyright. The articles will then be transferred back to the Outreach Team, who will liaise with the website owners. Once the link is live, your Gold Coast SEO consultant will share the link with you on the reporting dashboard.

Directory Citation Links Team

Directory citation backlinks are technically a backlink; however, they will generally not add a considerable amount of value to your domain ranking for several reasons:

  • They’re easy to create because all you need to do is go to the website and submit your company information.
  • The websites are not niche-related. They provide listings to every business that is willing to submit their details.
  • There is no relevant content surrounding the actual anchor text. It usually just includes the businesses’ contact information.
  • The website itself will have a massive amount of backlinks which significantly dilutes the value of any backlink.

Now, depending on the strategy, we will submit your business information to several of these websites every month. All the live links will be shared with you in conjunction with the high-quality backlinks on the reporting dashboard.

Our Gold Coast SEO company do this to make your backlink profile appear natural because if all we did was create high-quality backlinks every month, it could raise unwanted attention from Google. Although they do not inject much domain ranking into your website, it does increase the number of referring domains which is also a factor Google takes into consideration.

Why Select Us for SEO Gold Coast?

Now that you know how we work, you may be thinking, “Why should I select you?” here’s why.

No SEO Lock-in Contracts

We operate on a month-to-month basis because we believe in providing the best value and letting our work speak for itself!

Put simply – we do an excellent job on your website – then you will see results. There’s no need to lock people into a contract. That’s not helpful at all.

No Joining, Minimum Notice, Exit or Cancellation Fees

You can pause your Gold Coast SEO campaign with us at any time. You’ll never need to pay any minimum notice period, exit or cancellation fees with us.

And, if you do decide to leave, we’ll still complete the work that you’ve paid for.

One Point of Contact

You’ll only ever deal directly with the owner of our Gold Coast SEO company. By having a single point of contact means that you – the client will not be messed around.

Put simply, you don’t have time to be put on hold or to be referred to different departments. We value your time. Think of it this way – it’s a one-person takes full ownership of their campaign type of engagement.

You see, as with many companies, you often deal with a receptionist who then transfers you to a salesperson. It’s the salesperson’s job to sign you up – then you are transferred to an account manager who manages your campaign.

On top of this, anything to do with accounting is then usually handled by another department as well. We reduce the points of contact – so there’s no need for repeat conversation.

Interactive Reporting Dashboard

You’ll be given a link to your very own SEO reporting dashboard. It’s interactive, and it will enable you to monitor the progress of your campaign. It also holds us to account because if our strategy is correct and working for you, your website metrics should will be increasing positively every month.

Our software monitors and records the position of all your keywords daily, and you’ll have the ability to view the history of every keyword’s performance – whenever you like. The high-quality backlinks are displayed directly below.

Our customisable reporting dashboard will keep you entirely up-to-date with the progress of your campaign. In other words, you won’t be left wondering what’s going on or what’s happening, so it’s less hassle on your part. Plus, you get a monthly review session, and you’re more than welcome to ask us any questions about SEO Gold Coast – whenever you like.

100% Transparency

Our package pricing is clear and transparent. With every package, you’ll know exactly how many backlinks and how much content you’ll receive upfront.

Everything we do will be shared directly with you because we refuse to hide anything because we are proud of our work.

If you ever have any questions, you are always welcome to ask because it is important to us that you feel comfortable and fully informed.

Fully Customised SEO strategy

You’ll get a tailored SEO strategy for your business. Only SEO Gold Coast is not a churn and burn factory that’s fixated on signing up as many as people as possible.

As a boutique agency, we’re not interested in taking over the world. At its core, we strive to help small businesses succeed – that’s it. We want to be able to meet our clients in the street – and be greeted with a smile.

Since there are no lock-in contracts, the only way we can maintain the business is for people to be happy. The result is loyal customers.


Q: How much does Gold Coast SEO cost?

A: Not to try and dodge the question but that is like asking a real estate agent how much a house costs. I know it’s a bit of a cliché but the more you put in, the more you get out.

Working with us, our pricing is very transparent so you will be able to see what you get for each package and be able to compare them side-by-side.

There is nothing wrong with getting started on a lower package to trial our Gold Coast SEO services. Once you feel that we have proven ourselves to you and you can view the results, you can always increase your campaign budget at a later stage to expedite the results.

Q: How long does SEO Gold Coast take to work?

A: SEO is no different than trying to lose weight. As soon as you start eating healthily and exercising regularly, you’ll gradually begin to lose weight. You’ll also begin to notice improvements within a month or two.

For example, your main keyword may go from position 95 to position 80. But, know this, you would not go from position 95 to position 1 in the space of 1 month. Just like you wouldn’t go from 100kgs to 60kgs in a month either.

We are transparent about our SEO services, and gradually, as each month passes, you’ll notice your online search visibility increases.

Q: Do you outsource any of your SEO services?

A: We complete everything internally. This way we can never shift blame to anyone else because we accept full ownership of everything that we do and deliver to you – our clients.

Q: Are you able to share any search engine optimisation examples of results you have achieved for other Gold Coast businesses?

A: Out of respect for all of our clients, we do not share personal information with anyone else. Also, what we have achieved for one client will not necessarily have any bearing on what we will achieve for you.

We prefer to show you firsthand what we will do for you, and you’ll be able to decide for yourself in a concise space of time it’s working.

For this reason, we do not do contracts, and there are no fees for pausing or cancelling whatsoever.

Q: How do you accept payment for your Gold Coast SEO services?

A: We use an external company and all you do is load your credit card details and the website takes care of the rest.

We don’t employ a team of accountants as this would be counter to one of our core values, which is to deliver the best value to our clients.

Q: Does your SEO company charge any joining, cancellation or exit fees?

A: No

Q: Do you offer SEO contracts?

A: No, we don’t believe in contracts – whatsoever. If we’re doing a good job – and you can see regular improvements why would you leave?

There is no need to lock people into contracts if you do a good job.

Q: Is there any minimum notice period required if we decide to pause our campaign with your SEO company?

A: No, simply send me an email – and that’s it.

One thing worth noting is that sometimes people leave not because they are unhappy, BUT because our work has helped their business reach their goals. Therefore, they don’t wish to scale their business any further.

Q: Do you pay kickbacks if I refer my clients to you?

A: Without our customers, there would be no business. Only SEO Gold Coast is built primarily on referrals and although we are extremely grateful, we are unable to pay commission.

We’re hopeful that the core reason for you recommending someone to us is because you want him or her to receive the best product and service.

Q: Does you provide keyword guarantees?

A: To be honest, we can’t even guarantee to you that we’ll be alive tomorrow, so why would we make guarantees for search results in a search engine that we have no ownership over whatsoever?

We let our SEO work speak for itself and you will begin to notice results within 1-2 months.

Q: Do you use a ‘one size fit all’ SEO strategy?

A: No. Each strategy is tailored to the client’s requirements.

We work together to set reasonable timeframes so that you have realistic expectations.

Q: Do you provide SEO outside the Gold Coast region?

A: Our core focus is to provide SEO to businesses based on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

However, we’re willing to work with anyone. We are an Internet business after all, so working with anyone in Australia is still possible.

Q: Do you do social media or Google Ads advertising?

A: No. Only SEO Gold Coast only does SEO because we prefer to be experts in ONE thing.

Q: Do you work with start-ups?

A: It’s important to us that anyone we work with is selecting SEO Gold Coast for the correct reasons. SEO is a fantastic channel for generating strong income growth. However, the results in particular for a new domain may take a long time.

Please call us, as we’re happy to discuss your circumstances. For new businesses that urgently require revenue, we suggest using other channels that provide more instantaneous results such as social media and Google Ads advertising.

Q: Do you work for clients that compete with each other?

A: Absolutely, not. Regardless of how large a company may be (you for instance) if we are already working for a direct competitor of your business, then, unfortunately, we’re unable to work for you.

Q: How often will we have an SEO meeting?

A: This depends on the strategy we have agreed on. However, in most circumstances, we would have a ‘reporting’ meeting once a month.

You’re also welcome to call or email us if you have any questions or queries on your mind throughout the month.

I Want Your Gold Coast SEO Services!

Contact us and we will have a chat to discuss your SEO project. We look forward to improving your visibility on Google – right here on the Gold Coast.

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